Hospital Circulars

Circular ID Description Date File
IITD/ICDN/2016/Vipul Presentation URGENT- Presentation by M/s VIPUL, TPA on 29-11-2016 on Medical Insurance Policy & Processing of Bills etc. 28/11/2016 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/14/2016/1566 Change in the date of Holiday for Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid). 08/09/2016 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/2016/AREG Updating of information related to Pensioners. 06/09/2016 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/16/1456 Options for Top-Up for additional medical insurance coverage for next year up to 01.08.2017. 26/08/2016 View/Save
IITD-ICDN-16- Renewal Med. Insurance Card Renewal of Medical Insurance Policy for one year - Details and collection of.. 26/08/2016 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/14/2016/1405 The Institute will remain closed tomorrow i.e. on Thursday, 18th August, 2016 on account of Raksha Bandhan 17/08/2016 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/2016/KHOS-DP&CAP "Dengue Prevention & Control awareness Programme" by IIT Delhi Hospital. 10/08/2016 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/2016/1168 Guidelines for processing Medical Reimbursement claims etc. 12/07/2016 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/2016/1099 Additional Visiting Specialists for IIT Hospital. 04/07/2016 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/2016 Process Flow Chart, Timeline for cashless and reimbursement details from Vipul, TPA. 22/06/2016 View/Save