Hospital Circulars

Circular ID Description Date File
IITD/ICDN/2016/694 Closure of Chemist Shop at IIT Delhi w.e.f. 1.5.2016 -Arrangement for reimbursement of medicines etc. 28/04/2016 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/2016/535 Revalidation of the medical booklets of Retired Employees and the dependents of serving employees-reg 29/03/2016 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/2016/467 Account Information System for the benefit of Retired Employees to know the payments made by IIT Delhi and other latest information. 17/03/2016 View/Save
IITD/2016/ACSS/NVHS Non availability of hospital sevices on 24th Jan 2016 from 9:00 am onwards. 22/01/2016 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/2015/1890 Final opportunity to the retired employees for joining the Post-Retirement Medical Scheme (PRMS) of the Institute - Last date 31st March, 2016. 18/12/2015 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/BG/061/2015/1638 Amendments in the existing rules/guidelines regarding medical facilities extended to the employees (both serving and retired) of the Institute. 26/10/2015 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/BG/061/2015/1637 Providing last opportunity to the retired employees of the Institute to join the Post-Retirement Medical Scheme of the Institute. 26/10/2015 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/2015/1525 Extension of the tenure of Part-Time Visiting Specialists to IIT Hospital upto 31.12.2016. 06/10/2015 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/2015/1404 Vipul Medical Insurance e-card of all employees - website link to download for any emergency. 14/09/2015 View/Save
IITD/ICDN/2015/1315-1351 Compilation of Non-Statutory Committees of IIT Delhi For the year 2015-2016. 04/09/2015 View/Save