Medical Emergency Protocol for Campus Residents

Points for Information

The campus residents may note the following while taking an appropriate decision in case of medical emergency:

  • The institute hospital is a primary health care centre.

  • A Qualified doctor and nurses are available in the emergency at all times. One support staff for assistance is also available.

  • ECG test facility is available at the emergency counter, if need be.

  • IITD hospital has a van which is classified as Patient Transport Ambulance (PTA). It is equipped with some facilities like the stretcher, Oxygen cylinder etc but is not an Ambulance (as defined in medical terms). It is used for inter hospital transfer as per the requirement of the treatment.

  • It is to be noted that the Institute Hospital is Not fully equipped to deal with all kinds of medical emergency.

  • For the major medical situations as diagnosed by the doctors on duty, the patient is normally referred to AIIMS/Safdarjung/Trauma Centre Emergency.

In view of the above, the following is proposed:

  • The patients and/or their companions may decide depending on the situation, whether to come to IITD hospital emergency for the initial diagnosis and advise or go directly to the casualty ward of a hospital.

  • The patients are facilitated with IITD Ambulance subject to availability. Alternatively they may use the services of an outside ambulance, for which some contact details are provided in the later sections.

  • The Institute Patient Transport Ambulance will drop the patient to any hospital within a radius of 5 kms from the Institute. This will cover hospitals like AIIMS / Safdarjung / Jai Prakash Narayan Trauma Centre, Sitaram Bhartia hospital, Rockland hospital, Max hospital, Saket etc.

  • In case the patient is referred to AIIMS / Safdarjung / Trauma Centre by the Institute hospital emergency, the support staff from the hospital may accompany the patient (if need be) to the hospital and assist in the paper work for admission in the emergency ward of the hospital.